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Sell a home. Save a life! 

Our Mission at Pro Home Offer

We have one goal here at Pro Home Offer: For every home we purchase we give a portion of the proceeds back to children suffering in the world. We have made it a mission to create the company to a "For Purpose" Business where every profit we make, a portion will go back to charity. Upon closing we send you actual proof of a child you have saved by providing them food, shelter, schooling, or even clothes. Lets change the world together!  Sell a home. Save a Life!

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Contact Us

By either filling out a form or giving us a call, we need some info about you and your house! We just need your name and a property address in order to get started! 

Once we receive your information about your property, we will begin to process your offer and then send it to you. Your offer will be calculated based on the info you provided! 

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Prepare to Close

If you decide to sell your house with us, we will send one of our professionals to inspect your house. Once that is done, we will hand you your cash offer for your home! 

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No Equity

Houses that have little or no equity that the owner wants to sell.  

Owe Taxes

Houses where the owner owes taxes and is unable to pay them off. 


Houses that have accumulated too much debt and need to be sold. 

Title Issues

Houses that need to be sold because the owner has a bad title. 


Houses that need to be sold fast because the owner has to move. 


Houses that need to be sold due to liquidation and need to be sold. 

Highest Price Offer

We keep our costs low and take less margin than the competition so we can offer you the most money with zero fees.   

No clean up or repairs. No showings, open houses or uncertainty. Sell as-is without listing your home on the market or doing any work. 

Close with Certainty

We work on your timeline to complete the closing process and provide support throughout the whole way. 

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We'll guide you at every step through our easy process.


What Our Customers are Saying


Pro Home Offer was able to sell my house quick! I had trouble keeping up with taxes, so I was unable to afford my house. The team at Pro Home Offer gave me a cash offer in 10 days!

Pan X.  House Sold in San Antonio

“I had to relocate to another country because of my job. With the sudden notice, I had no time to list my house and was looking to sell it fast. Pro Home Offer was able to buy my house for a FAIR offer!” 

Deshaun J. House Sold in Inland Empire

“My husband recently passed away and I was left with our house. Becasue I could no long afford the payments myself, I gave Pro Home Offer a call, and they were able to give me an offer I couldn’t refuse!” 

Jessica B. House Sold in San Antonio


6% of purchase price plus other fees

Price haggling and unpredictable offer

Clean up and repair hassle

Showings and open houses

Long sales timeline, often 2-3+ months

Process with an agent 

ZERO FEES to sell your home  

Close in just 10 days, or move at your pace, up to 60 days 

Relocation Help

Sell AS-IS. No cleanup or repairs, or showings  

Highest off-market price  

A percentage of company profits go back to charity!

Hidden fees at close

Lower prices, zero transparency

High-pressure sales tactics, often not trustworthy

Small-scale local operators not a trusted brand

High-risk they’ll back out, costing you time and money

Process with an investor

The Pro Home Offer Difference

How fast can we close?

We can close as fast as you are willing to submit your information! If your house has no major issues and if you want to sell fast, we can close within 2 weeks!

How is my offer calculated?

The main two things that we use to calculate you offer are the location of the property you are selling and what type of condition the property is in.

Are we real estate agents?

We are not real estate agents. We are a house buying company. This means we do no list your house, nor do we charge any comission fees when you sell with us.

Are there any fees?

There are NO fees when you sell your house with Pro Home Offer. There are NO hidden fees and if there is a fee associated with buying your house, we pay it!

Allow Pro Home Offer to earn your business! Sell a home. Save a life!

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